Long Covid Care Guides

Having long covid can be overwhelming. So I have developed these guides to help you or someone you know with long covid. I have written these guides using my extensive experience as a patient navigating follow up care,  Emergency care, specialist visits and even in-patient hospital stays.  I have put together this resource to provide longhaulers access to quality of care faster, answer questions and to help longhaulers know the rights we have as patients.

Emergency Room Guide

For almost a year I have served as a useful source to those seeking help, or advice with long covid especially in the emergency room. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my general tip tricks and practices I have learned to employ along the way to give hospital staff a gentle yet firm nudge when it comes to providing adequate and sometimes life saving care.  I am writing this Emergency room guide with a mission to help others when I am unavailable to help in real time as I continue to take on more leadership roles in long covid advocacy.  Stay tuned as I update my website to include a more detailed emergency room guide.

1. Dress appropriately for tests an bring hair tie

2. Have hospital Patient Advocate contact information readily available

3. Get a male to call to inquire about your care

4. Have a written paper or file on your phone available to refer hospital to any prior ongoing diagnosis

5. Request to have tests denials in writing

6. Document via text messages and photos unprofessional behavior by staff

7. Request to speak with charge nurse or nurse supervisor

* Please note that I am not a medical professional and all recommendations given should be used at your own discretion. Also note that I too am still recovering from covid so I may not be able to respond immediately. If this is a medical emergency please go to your local Emergency room before contacting me.