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Long Covid Leaders

chimere smith long covid advocate

Long Covid Advocate

 Chimére Smith, former middle school teacher, contracted covid in March 2020. She is the FIRST Black longhauler to testify before Congress about the effects of Long Covid. She has been featured in CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and more. She is a board member of Body Politic.


Long Covid Advocate

Liza Fisher, 37, was hospitalized for months from acute covid, July 2020 in Texas. She has been featured in Houston Chronicle as a long covid advocate and is on the board of  COVID Survivors From Texas, Inc.


Long Covid Advocate

Netia McCray contracted COVID in March 2020 in Florida. She is an educator with a global non-profit organization, Mbadika. She has been featured on various news articles as  long COVID advocate and is on the board of C-19LAP.


Disability Advocate

Rivka Solomon is a writer and patient advocate for ME/ CFS and now long covid. She became ill with me/cfs in 1990.  She is a well known disability event organizer and has written pieces for Washington Post, MarieClaire, NPR, and featured on PBS.

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Long Covid Advocate

Assistant Professor Margot Gage Witvliet contracted COVID in March 2020. She founded the BIPOC Women Long COVID-19 Support Group on Facebook.  She is recognized as one of the seven women who are unsung heroes to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Long Covid Advocate

Amy Watson contracted covid March 2020. She founded the Facebook group Long Haul COVID Fighters. The term 'Long-haulers' came from Amy Watson. She has been featured in Wall Street Journal.


Chronic Illness Advocate

Ashanti Daniel, a former nurse, became chronically ill in 2016. After her me/cfs diagnosis she became a me/cfs advocate. After learning about long covid, she became a long covid advocate featured in Time Magazine and more.


Long Covid Advocate

Candace Taylor, a former medical worker, who also has CRPS, contracted COVID in March 2020. Covid damaged her vocal chords, and left her unable to speak for months. She has been featured in New York Times, CBS and more as a long COVID and disability advocate.

miranda erlanson long covid advocate

Long Covid Advocate

Miranda Erlanson contracted covid in March and July 2020. While having debilitating symptoms she founded the non profit COVID Survivors From Texas, Inc and  Facebook group Covid Survivors from Texas.


Chronic Illness Advocate

Wilhelmina Jenkins has been a me/cfs advocate for nearly four decades since she suddenly became ill in 1983. Her chronic illness journey has been featured on Oprah. She recently was featured in Time Magazine as a long covid advocate.

Did I Miss Someone?

Know someone wo you think should be on my list of long covid advocate leaders? Let me know! Contact me here.

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