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Wear A Seatbelt. Wear A Mask.

As a lifelong Christian and lover of science, it is confusing for me to watching the" my faith alone/ my immune system will protect me from Covid" bunch, get in a car and immediately put on a seatbelt. The same seatbelts that had to be mandated by government in order for our parents and grandparents to comply with safety measures that helped us all to live into adulthood.

When seatbelt laws were first introduced there was a portion of society that would bring up that a small percent of people would get trapped in the seatbelt in an accident and die. They said that justified not wearing a seatbelt at all and that seatbelt laws were dangerous, unconstitutional and an infringement on individual freedom.

You probably laugh and think it's silly. You probably think it's only common sense to wear a seatbelt. You'd probably be angry if you saw someone driving with kids in no seatbelt on the highway. That's because our government did seat belt awareness programs in schools, and media. While simultaneously, our state governments told police to prioritize stopping and fining people not wearing seat belts. So now, present day, almost ALL of you vaccine skeptics believe with every fiber of your being that seatbelts are helpful.

Answer this.

Why wouldn't your healthy body protect you from a high impact crash but protect you from a deadly virus? Why wouldn't God protect you from a car crash but protect YOU from a deadly virus that has killed pastors, deacons, etc.? Take all the time you need to make this make sense, because your logic, is flawed. Just get the vaccine and follow the science behind masks with the same way you firmly believe your brake pads will cause your car to properly stop at a stoplight, without fully understanding the mechanics of a car.


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