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Why I Speak

I share my journey as a long hauler so that others, on the outside looking in, understand that the severity of my symptoms are more the standard than an outlier. When I got Covid, I was only 35 years old. Yet it felt like overnight, I became wheelchair bound. So many of us are young yet rely on assistance to walk, stand or are wheelchair bound soon after a covid infection. So many of us are opting for experimental surgeries and treatments just for a chance at recovery in one of the many areas Covid has touched our lives. You don't realize how life-changing it is to walk until you can't.

I share my journey as a long hauler because this could be you! Even if you get a mild case of Covid, a severe Long Covid case can develop. I had a scratchy throat for about two days. It could easily have been confused with allergies or a sinus infection. This could be you! Or you could get vaccinated, wear a mask, and social distance. Completely avoiding a Covid infection, and continuing to live an able bodied life, instead of a life filled with uncertainty and setbacks concerning your health. I did everything that was implemented at the time, and still got sick. So be EXTRA careful. Protect yourself above and beyond your state requires. Don't wait for a mandate to wear a mask. This is why I speak. Let my life be a cautionary tale.


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