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Long Covid Resources

Having Long COVID can be overwhelming. So I have developed a list of resources along with guides to help you or someone you know with Long COVID. I have compiled a list using my extensive experience as a patient navigating Emergency care, specialist visits and even in-patient hospital stays.  To go directly to my Emergency Room Guide click the button below.

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Support Groups

Having a support group as you recover is an integral part of maintaining mental and physical health when you have long COVID. Not all long COVID support groups are created equal. Here's a list of some good ones to start with.  


Associated Illnesses

There is so much we don't know about long COVID but we dont have to reinvent the wheel. Many of our symptoms fall into a few known syndromes or illnesses. Here is a list of websites that will give you trustworthy information. 

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Medical Care Guides

This is your guide to getting the BEST care during your long COVID journey. Including short cuts to finding a primary care physician,  applying for disability, financial assistance, how to get access to lab work and diagnostic tests.

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Innovative Research

Long COVID Research is being conducted in many areas. Studies ultimately help advance the ability to treat, evaluate and diagnose long COVID symptoms. This list can help you find innovative studies and therapies. 

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Advocacy Groups

Sometime during your long COVID journey, you may want to get involved in long COVID advocacy. However, there's a lot of advocacy groups and organizations that have now formed. Here is my list of some groups to check out.

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Long Covid Leaders

Want to get in touch with some of the prominent leaders in long covid advocacy? I've compiled a list along with links to their websites or social media, along with what makes them special, so you can reach out to them. 

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