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Social Media Support Groups

Having a support group as you recover is an integral part of maintaining mental and physical health when you have long COVID. However, not all support groups are created equal. Here's a list of some good ones to start with. 

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This private Facebook group is for BIPOC women; Black, African American, Biracial, AfroLatina, African, Latina, Native American, Asian. It has around 500 members and is a great place to land when you want to build REAL friendships, get involved with advocacy or just have a safe space to laugh vent or cry.  Dr. Margot Gage is the creator of the group. She is one of the first longhaulers to become a long COVID advocate. Learn more about Dr. Margot here. Check out the group using the button below.


There are quite a few Covid survivors in Texas. This private Facebook group has nearly 5000 members. If you are a resident of Texas this is a great local resource. This private group, is active in local long covid advocacy and has a fantastic list of resources such as doctors and specialists that are familiar with treating and diagnosing complex long covid cases. Miranda Erlanson, whom I affectionately call my covid twin, is the creator of the group. She is a teacher and founder of TexanCare. You can learn more about her here. To visit the group click the link below.

COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project also known as C-19LAP is one of the most politically active Long COVID Facebook groups. It has nearly 9,000 members and is a private group. It is a great group for joining medical studies and finding the most up to date information about long COVID. COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project was created by Karyn Bishof one of the earliest long COVID advocates to become a media staple. This group has live events that feature members of Congress and prominent long COVID advocates. Click here to visit the website. To browse the group click the button below.

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Body Politic is not a Facebook group but it is a fantastic resource for long COVID patients who are not on Facebook. Body Politic was founded as a queer feminist wellness collective in 2018. Two years later, founder Fiona Lowenstein became a long hauler so Body Politic created a Long Covid support group housed on Slack app that now has over 10,000 members. One of their most prominent members is  Chimére Smith featured on national media regularly and has given a speech about long COVID in front of congress. To learn more about Fiona Lowenstein, click here. To learn more about Chimére Smith click here. To visit the Body Politic website, click the button below. 

This is a private Facebook group for survivors recovering from COVID who became ill on or AFTER April 1, 2020. The group is large at 6000+ members. It is a safe place to share symptoms, test results, and offer support to one another in this healing journey. It is a fantastic resource for those looking for more understanding of symptoms and possible tests to take to diagnose symptoms. Amy Watson is the creator of the group. She is also a prominent long covid advocate. You can learn more about her here. Click the button below for more information.

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