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About Me

I am a 37 year old marketing specialist turned Long COVID Advocate & Co-Founder of BIPOC Equity Agency,  from Northern Virginia. Recovering from a March 2020 mild COVID-19 infection that lead to disability. Due to my severe Long COVID symptoms, I have had to seek care at local emergency rooms dozens of times and have been admitted for care for a total of over 30 days.

After being threatened with arrest by hospital staff for seeking medical help during an episode of dangerously low oxygen and high heart rate, I became a health advocate to help others receive proper care, which
led to my role in the COVID-19 Long Haulers Act where I spoke alongside the bills sponsors Rep. Don Beyer and Rep. Jack Bergman. I have also met with Rep. Ayanna Pressley's and Senator Tim Kaine's teams as they drafted Long COVID legislation.