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Long Covid Advocate  -  Equity Policy Advisor


About Me

I am a 36 year old marketing specialist turned Long Covid Advocate & Equity Policy Advisor from Northern Virginia. Recovering from a March 2020 mild COVID-19 infection that lead to disability. Due to my uniquely severe Long Covid symptoms, I have had to seek care at local emergency rooms over 30 times.

After being threatened with arrest by hospital staff for seeking medical help during an episode of dangerously low oxygen and high heart rate, I became an advocate so that others who followed could receive proper care, which led to my role in 
COVID-19 Long Haulers Act.

I am now working on a number of Long Covid and ME/CFS projects, including an upcoming Massachusetts Department of Public Health panel titled “Invisible Disabilities: Long Covid and Other Post-Infectious Illnesses." I also am a Long Covid Alliance core steering member and board member of SolveME. Recently, I was featured in TIME magazine alongside other well known medical equity advocates; Wilhelmina Jenkins, Ashanti Daniel, and Chimére Smith. Along with a profile of my Long Covid journey in the Washington Post.  I discuss the overt and implicit bias I have faced as a Black woman seeking life-saving healthcare for Long Covid.

Why this Black woman with ‘long covid’ feels the medical community has failed her
Washington Post

Why this Black woman with ‘long covid’ feels the medical community has failed her