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Beware of Your Immune System

This is how many pills a day it takes for me to be able to eat only 5 different foods for the past year. Even with this amount of medicine I still have these symptoms upon eating or even after smelling food: Tight jaw, trouble swallowing, wheezing, throat closing, congested nose, face flushing, tachycardia ( high heart rate ) confusion, fatigue, possibly fainting, diarrhea, constipation, puffy eyes, and more. I was a healthy person before covid. I didnt need any medications at all before covid. In fact, I had a very light illness for maybe 2 days when I became infected with covid. Thats how great my immune system fought covid.

What is happening to me now is a result of my STRONG immune system not knowing that it should go back to normal after fighting covid and a syndrome caused by too many white blood cells called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. MCAS happens when the mast cells in your body release too much of what is inside of them. They are part of your immune system and are all around your blood vessels.

Stop thinking your robust immune system from taking herbs and vitamins will protect you from any and all effects of a Covid infection. It wont! How can you protect yourself from your own strong immune system? You cant!

Lots of us longhaulers took vitamins yet still became a long haulers. I was regularly taking a very good multivitamin, plus eating vegetables daily, that didnt prevent long covid. I know many people with long covid that were vegan, marathon runners, even a former American Ninja Warrior became a long hauler. Global scientists along with the CDC estimates between 10 and 30% of people who get covid will become a long hauler. This includes those who get mild or asymptomatic infections.

We've taken elderberry, vitamin c, zinc, high doses of vitamin d etc. In fact ,I've been on 50,000 I. U . Of vitamin D for a year! It hasn't helped my symptoms at all. That's not the " cure". Nor will it prevent Covid or long covid. Stop saying that as if those of us who have suffered for over a year haven't tried literally everything you can buy to fix it. I'm not the only longhauler who lives like this a year post covid. Many of us longhaulers, like myself, had a mild covid infection. There is an estimate of 2.5 million longhaulers in the United States alone. The best protection you an have right now is to get vaccinated, wear a mask and social distance.


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